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Yoga and You

Yoga is a precious gift for all, and the Shala has been unwavering in its mission to share this gift far and wide. Today, AYM aspires to extend its reach through the ‘YOGA AND YOU‘ initiative and we seek your support.


Please help us spread the word about the Shala and our practice. Your support will enable more individuals to join the AYM family and embrace the path of yoga. As existing students, you are the true ambassadors of Ashtanga Yoga, capable of guiding new seekers to our Shala by sharing your personal experiences through social media and word-of-mouth within your social circles. In appreciation of your efforts, existing students who refer new participants will receive a share of the joining fee for each enrollee.


This initiative serves a triple purpose:

  • The Shala can secure additional resources to sustain itself.
  • Referrers earn a portion of the new enrolment fee.
  • New individuals are introduced to the transformative benefits of yoga.


Let’s unite in this endeavour to make yoga accessible to all.



Share Your Experience

When you share your experience of Yoga with the world, you help others to change their lives for the better.


AYM encourages you to share your experience through this form. We will spread your word in our network and make many more people healthier and happier.