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Ashtanga Yoga is an eightfold path towards liberation

YAMA: Moral Way of Living
NIYAMA: Disciplining
ASANA: Movement of the Body
PRANAYAMA: Breath observation
PRATYAHARA: Mental preparation
DHARNA: Concentration
DHYANA: Meditation

Yoga & You

Yoga is a precious gift for all, and the Shala has been unwavering in its mission to share this gift far and wide. Today, AYM would like to extend its reach through the ‘YOGA AND YOU‘ initiative and seeks your support.

Yoga Youth Mission

Yoga Youth Mission is a dedicated effort to help young individuals to take charge of their lives through the practice of yoga, thus helping them to cultivate values of discipline, health, and happiness. Our mission aims at reaching as many young people as possible today, and introducing them to the knowledge of Yoga.

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Suveer Balvi

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