Yoga Youth Mission
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Yoga Youth Mission

Yoga Youth Mission is a dedicated effort to help young individuals to take charge of their lives through the practice of yoga, thus helping them to cultivate values of discipline, health, and happiness. Our mission aims at reaching as many young people as possible today, and introducing them to the knowledge of Yoga.


Our mission is firmly rooted in supporting students and young professionals, specifically those aged 21 and above, who may find themselves unemployed. We do this by extending a helping hand in the form of subsidized Student Fees and Scholarships, allowing them to initiate their yoga journey at AYM while easing their financial burdens. Furthermore, we expect each student to take on the responsibility of enrolling at least 10 additional students, thus ensuring the widespread spreading of the benefits of yoga.


To become a part of AYM through the Yoga Youth Mission, students must pledge to maintain consistent and regular practice.

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